The safety products with comfortable
SSSMC Strives manufacturing practices for Ball Joint & Damper to ensure
the product with "SAFETY" and "COMFORT" of cars, which convey "SMILE" of the people in the car.
Stabilizer link
Stabilizer Ball joints link the tire side (suspension arm) to the body side (stabilizer) and move up and down by tires keeping the vehicle in level position better.
Steering Group
Tie Rod End    Steering rack   With boot
A rack end moves in accordance by the up-down movements of tires and transmits steering operations it
receives from the steering side (rack and pinion gear box) to the tire side (tie-rod end).
Suspension Ball Joint
Lower Ball Joint
Suspension Ball joints link the tire side (knuckle) to the body side (suspension arm), and maintain the tires always in the ideal position.
Upper Ball Joint
It serves the same purpose as the suspension arm but is used on the rear wheels.
Dampers are currently used mainly in various places on luxury cars. As costs have come down in recent years, economy cars also use dampers.